What do September 26 and November 6 have in common?

They are both mileposts along the pathway of our representative democracy.
NAMI Pierce County conducts a mental health educational program every election cycle. We
strive to educate our state legislative candidates about key mental health care issues. And the
candidates educate us, their electorate, about their mental health care ideas.
Our 2018 educational program came in two parts.
First, we sent all 38 Pierce County general election candidates a backgrounder. This document
outlined some behavioral health care issues that could come before the legislature. We also
invited them to a candidates’ forum and asked them to identify their key mental health issues
and what they thought the legislature might address these issues.
Our forum was the answer to the first part of the riddle. Fifteen candidates and more than 50
audience members met on September 26. The evening was a rousing success. The
candidates heard our voices, and we heard theirs. The many issues are complex and the
challenges are great. Nevertheless, all agreed that the 2019 legislature should focus on making
major improvements to Washington’s behavioral health care system.
NAMI Pierce County’s role in our representative democracy is done. Now it is your turn.
November 6 is Election Day. Please vote, and please vote for candidates who you think
will help improve Washington’s mental health care system.