Suicide Prevention during the Holidays 


As the holidays approach, it is a difficult time for many individuals suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, or Bipolar Disorder.  Many suffer silently due to the stresses of the holidays and often consider suicide, a last resort when they feel that there is no hope left.

Studies have long suggested that there are noticeable symptoms before someone decides to take their lives. Some of these signs include; persistent sadness or dramatic changes in mood threatening to hurt or kill him/herself self loathing – rage, anger, seeking revenge irritability- anxiety, agitation, unable to sleep isolation – withdrawing from friends, family, or society loss of energy, sleeping all the time hopelessness – no reason for living, no sense of purpose in life.

Should you notice any symptoms, reach out to the individual, offer reassurance and help.  In an emergency crisis, immediately, call 911.  Do not leave the individual alone until help arrives.

Some additional mental health resources in Pierce County are:
Pierce County Crisis Line    800-576-7764   or  Text  HEAL to 741-741