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NAMIWalks is going to be a little different this year. We’re not canceling it – we wouldn’t think of it when our collective mental health needs are at their greatest. NAMI’s programs and advocacy are needed more than ever, and with your help, we are pleased to present a walk for our times, NAMIWalks Your Way Washington: A Virtual Event on September 12. Come walk with us at NAMI Pierce County by joining our team.  

What is NAMIWalks Your Way?  

On September 12, NAMIWalks will be a virtual experience and joined by NAMIWalks across the country. NAMIWalks Your Way means what it sounds like: participants get to make NAMIWalks their own. You can walk a 5K—through your neighborhood, around your backyard, on your treadmill. Or you can do something else meaningful and fun to celebrate our virtual walk day.

What participants are doing on event day: 

  • Walking 3,500 steps for a 5K their way
  • Planning a craft day with their kids
  • Holding a virtual bake-off with their team
  • Practicing self-care with a favorite hobby: yoga, gardening, knitting
  • Doing a 5K on the treadmill or stationary bike
  • Hosting a virtual paint and sip partyTake photos and videos and share your activity on a favorite social media with the link to your walk fundraising page and the hashtag #NotAlone#MentalHealthForAll and #NAMIPierceCounty. Together we can make a difference for people affected by mental illness.The only limit of NAMIWalks Your Way is the reach of your imagination and the breadth of your compassion. Share your ideas with us!

Social Media Guide: Quick Tips!

So you’ve registered… great! Now it is time to get the word out. Take a photo or a video of your activity and describe why you’re walking (To combat stigma? To celebrate a loved one? To raise money?). If your goal is to raise funds please include a link to your fundraising page, so your friends and family can contribute. Include the hashtags #NAMIWalksPierceCounty#NotAlone and #MentalHealthForAll so we can see all the folks who are walking! (If you don’t know how to use a hashtag, it’s simple. Type the # key followed by a word or phrase with no spaces in between. Typing #NAMIWalksPierceCounty helps us find everyone who is walking with us.) Now post your “walk” to whichever social media you use most and watch the “likes” roll in!


nami walk cheer

Join the thousands of concerned citizens in over 85 communities across the nation will walk together to raise money and awareness to ensure vital, free NAMI programs and services are available to provide help and hope to those in need. Every journey begins with that first step. Through NAMIWalks' public, active display of support for people affected by mental illness, we are changing our American communities and ensuring that help and hope are available for those in need.

NAMIWalks is a fun, family-friendly event; there are multiple ways you can still make a difference with NAMIWalks: as a sponsor, team captain, team member, individual walker, volunteer, or by making a donation.

Walk with NAMI Pierce County!

Participants raising at least $100 will receive a NAMIWalks T-shirt on Walk Day.

However you participate in NAMIWalks, you will be joining NAMI to help eradicate stigma, increase mental health awareness by ​participating​ in our NAMIWalks.

Remember: You don't have to walk to donate and support NAMI!

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