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Jordan Binion Project

The Jordan Binion Project is a non-profit organization set up exclusively for the purpose of educating high school students about mental illness.  The Jordan Binion Project was founded by Willie and Deborah Binion in 2013.

The Binions personally experienced the impact that mental illness can have on a family when their 17 year old son, Jordan, began to show signs of developing a mental illness.  The Binions experienced firsthand the lack of knowledge, information and understanding in their community about mental illness.   Tragically, while in the process of attempting to get Jordan help for his illness, Jordan took his own life. Through this tragedy, the Binions recognized the need to open up a dialog about mental illness in our communities and most importantly in our schools.

The Jordan Binion Project’s goal is to provide hope for a positive future for those young people that have a mental health diagnosis and to teach compassion for those individuals living with mental illness by giving students a better understanding of what mental illness is and is not.  It is the hope of the Jordan Binion Project that lives can be saved through education.

You can find out more information about the Jordan Binion Project by going the organizations website at